Paris Marathon Training – Percy Pud 10k Race

On 2nd December I took part in the Percy Pud 10k race in Sheffield as part of my Paris Marathon preparation.  It was a wet morning and we had a short walk after we parked up.  We actually just missed the starting pistol put set of in good spirits.

I was not in a position to run quick so I was happy to plod along and just get the miles under my belt.  The first mile was steady and I was pleased it was raining as I prefer to be cool.  I was unhappy that there were a few hilly roads but I put my head down and plodded on.  It was good as I was running with people from work and we chatted as we ran along.  Nicole talked all of the time and made herself busy by weaving in and out of people and elbowing them too. She has a torso like a sheriff’s badge but luckily she is oblivious to her running style so it doesn’t matter.

At the start of mile three you realise you are about to see runners on the back leg of the race come past you as this is an out and back race.  We were treated to the sight of Eilish McColgan coming back the other way.  It looked to me like she was sprinting and doing so, easily.  I only caught a glimpse of her as she shot passed and it really brought it home to me how much people like her have to dedicate to training.  I will be able to tell people in years to come that I was in the same race as her and also at The Great North Run I was in the same race as Mo Farah….  It does not matter that I was miles behind them.

At the start of mile four and five I was looking forward to getting it done and the weather was a bit better.  I complained about there being hills on the course to anyone that would listen and I carried on moaning right to the end.

At the end I collected my prize of a Beanie hat, Christmas Pudding and some custard powder and I was pleased to have logged some miles on my legs and the event was really well organised.

I am now taking part in Run up to Christmas.  This means I have to run as many miles as I can up to Christmas Eve and then send the evidence to collect my medal.  All of this will give me time to start to build up my distance running as I move into the new year.  I will let you know how it goes here.

Running The Dog

Having traumatised myself by getting on the scales two days ago, I decided to bite the bullet and take my first steps in improving my fitness and I was determined to get Jack involved (Jack is my recently acquired dog from the rescue centre).

We managed a 5k run with some comfort breaks for dog stuff and I was so pleased to get out running and Jack did so well.  Hopefully my weight of 14st 10lb will start to come down steadily over the coming weeks and months.  We will be out tonight for a good walk and we will be running again tomorrow.  Weigh day is Tuesday and I will post how well things are going and update my blog on my progress in taking of the excess pounds.  Wish me luck and any advice will be gratefully accepted.

Misery Lane – By Dean Burgin ..addict

There were so many lanes I could have chosen, but I chose one called misery and strife, became stuck between choices then no choice at all and amphetamine became my life!!!

I was no longer trusted or taken on faith, labelled, addict, junkie and pinner!
Accused of stealing to fill each hypodermic syringe as I quickly lost the plot and got thinner.

All time became meaningless as I entered new veins, self inflicted just for the high. Tell my friends I had stopped but who was I kidding? The limit was really the sky.

Hurting and damaging the ones that I loved, became Jekyll and Hyde they could see, I no longer looked in the mirror.
Went in to denial so afraid that the ghost would be me.

Now the damage feels permanent , with no going back and the track lines may always remain. In court they were wrong when they said I was there cos of phett, I was there to escape Misery Lane. Dean Burgin

” Being ignorant and on drugs is an ironic bliss but to be self-aware and a druggie to me is hell” Dean Burgin.

I met the writer of this during my first headship. He wrote this and gave it to me. He said he wanted people to see it. I kept it for 7 years and I hope he would be pleased it is out in the ether now. His story was a sad tale.