Diary Of The Demented

Half Term is over and we are well and truly back in the groove. The Christmas adverts are the signal for us to break into Christmas Fever and start preparing the choir and other groups to perform their plays and various events for the consumption of our community.

I have been cycling to work with my son on his scooter and I have done this for two weeks. We have also successfully negotiated the Bin Slalom over two Thursdays. The game is to avoid the bins that are abandoned on the road and pavement while you travel at break-neck speed to school. We have had a couple of near misses but so far we have survived. A couple of wing mirrors may have been harmed in this experiment.

We have played some cricket in the rain recently and Alison has developed her throwing arm very well, having connected with my skull solidly in the last session. She was not content with this and although she delivers the ball in a very unorthodox way, she has got me out 4 times. She has not hid her delight and she has crowed about it to her friends too. My humiliation has been complete.

We have set our date for our Jingle Blogs event and we are expanding it to two year groups. Year 4 and 6 will take part. The idea is that year 4 will blog for 12 hours and Year six will do this for 24 hours. Our theme will be Story telling and we are going to have lots of activities too. It has been a very successful event and we are looking forward to it.

As I am nursing a big headache that no one cares about I will depart and take more aspirin with gallons of water. Have a great day folks.

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