I recently returned from taking a group of children to France for a residential visit for one week. They had a wonderful time and experienced lots of different aspects of French life. The children were immersed in the language and improved their vocabulary and knowledge of the French langauge and culture. It was a great experience and I am looking forward to returning next year.

I remember a discussion a while back where a parent was asking my view on safety due to issues around the World involving terrorism. I talked through the visit and discussed his concerns. He decided that his child would be going as he felt the level of risk was not an issue that would stop his child from going to visit France. I was pleased that he came to the decision as we discussed the areas of concern and exchanged views on what we felt were the main issues.

Children gain so much from these visits and they make memories that last a lifetime. They learn about conflicts in War that have lead to a significant loss of life. These experiences really bring home what has gone before us in terms of history.  My own son went on the visits and learned so much and I did not hesitate to agree for him to go.

Given the nature of the current climate, would you send your child on a visit like this that offers so much or would you decide you would rather not? This presents a real dilemma. The region we visit is quiet and peaceful and does not involve buig cities. To go or not to go…..Discuss.


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