Misery Lane – By Dean Burgin ..addict

There were so many lanes I could have chosen, but I chose one called misery and strife, became stuck between choices then no choice at all and amphetamine became my life!!!

I was no longer trusted or taken on faith, labelled, addict, junkie and pinner!
Accused of stealing to fill each hypodermic syringe as I quickly lost the plot and got thinner.

All time became meaningless as I entered new veins, self inflicted just for the high. Tell my friends I had stopped but who was I kidding? The limit was really the sky.

Hurting and damaging the ones that I loved, became Jekyll and Hyde they could see, I no longer looked in the mirror.
Went in to denial so afraid that the ghost would be me.

Now the damage feels permanent , with no going back and the track lines may always remain. In court they were wrong when they said I was there cos of phett, I was there to escape Misery Lane. Dean Burgin

” Being ignorant and on drugs is an ironic bliss but to be self-aware and a druggie to me is hell” Dean Burgin.

I met the writer of this during my first headship. He wrote this and gave it to me. He said he wanted people to see it. I kept it for 7 years and I hope he would be pleased it is out in the ether now. His story was a sad tale.

One thought on “Misery Lane – By Dean Burgin ..addict

  1. I came upon your blog by accident.
    Dean was a good friend and our history goes back 29 years, we first met when I caught a very young Dean breaking into my house. I was a police officer at the time. I did not see him again personally for many years.
    Fate, or personally I believe God, played a part in bringing us back together.
    Fast forward 25 years and I became Dean’s mentor and pastor whilst he lived in the Worksop area. He attended our church and he shared with me his poetry which I greatly enjoyed. I have a collection of 13 of his poems. We spent a good deal of time together and I loved his sense of humour. He was a popular guy at our church whilst he was in the area
    Eventually he got back with his partner and two boys in the Kirkby area that he had left 15 years ago. We continued to exchange the odd text.
    Sadly Dean passed away last month. Great guy. I will miss him, as I am sure many others will, especially his family.

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