Misery Lane – By Dean Burgin ..addict

There were so many lanes I could have chosen, but I chose one called misery and strife, became stuck between choices then no choice at all and amphetamine became my life!!!

I was no longer trusted or taken on faith, labelled, addict, junkie and pinner!
Accused of stealing to fill each hypodermic syringe as I quickly lost the plot and got thinner.

All time became meaningless as I entered new veins, self inflicted just for the high. Tell my friends I had stopped but who was I kidding? The limit was really the sky.

Hurting and damaging the ones that I loved, became Jekyll and Hyde they could see, I no longer looked in the mirror.
Went in to denial so afraid that the ghost would be me.

Now the damage feels permanent , with no going back and the track lines may always remain. In court they were wrong when they said I was there cos of phett, I was there to escape Misery Lane. Dean Burgin

” Being ignorant and on drugs is an ironic bliss but to be self-aware and a druggie to me is hell” Dean Burgin.

I met the writer of this during my first headship. He wrote this and gave it to me. He said he wanted people to see it. I kept it for 7 years and I hope he would be pleased it is out in the ether now. His story was a sad tale.