Running The Dog

Having traumatised myself by getting on the scales two days ago, I decided to bite the bullet and take my first steps in improving my fitness and I was determined to get Jack involved (Jack is my recently acquired dog from the rescue centre).

We managed a 5k run with some comfort breaks for dog stuff and I was so pleased to get out running and Jack did so well.  Hopefully my weight of 14st 10lb will start to come down steadily over the coming weeks and months.  We will be out tonight for a good walk and we will be running again tomorrow.  Weigh day is Tuesday and I will post how well things are going and update my blog on my progress in taking of the excess pounds.  Wish me luck and any advice will be gratefully accepted.

So it Begins…..

The first thing to confess is that the picture of me in the header is not me.  Its my face but not my body.  I would need to be a good 2 stone lighter to remotely be close to that.  A group of us are running the Paris Marathon next year and it promises to be amazing.

I am not fit enough and I have a long journey ahead but I will share my journey here by Posting my runs, the triumphs and disasters and also my weight loss.  Come back soon and see how I am doing. Oh and any tips for training will be welcomed. Cheers