The Big Camp Out and Blogathon

The camp site is set up and the children in Year six are enjoying a day that is packed with great challenges and activities.  They have had a great time so far and they are really enjoying themselves.  The talent contest is in full swing currently and many are still exhausted after playing basketball.  It really has been a pleasure to see the children forget the recent tests and the stress that goes with them.

We enjoyed watching the tents being errected earlier and seeing the children support their friends was a testament to the kind of people they are.  It will be interesting to see if the tents are all waterproof and last through the night.

Seeing the staff in school after hours has been a real privelige.  They give their time freely and make sure the children have a brilliant time.  Without the willingness of the team to contribute the children would miss out on amazing experiences and good quality time with their friends.  I am grateful to them all.  An amazing group of people.

The Unsung Heroes

I am currently with 30 children and 11 staff in school at our 6th blogathon.  Last weekend I was at an ice hockey event for under tens.  The coach and team manager and various helpers organised the team.  What is my point? It’s simple really.

The staff here tonight will be approving blogposts all night and working throughout the night and tomorrow.  The children have been working with an author tonight and the boys are really going for it with their writing.  The only reason we can give the children this amazing opportunity is because the adults have sacrificed their time to help children.  The business manager is here and she is approving blog posts.  There are teachers and teaching assistants working with the children to develop their writing.


We are only part way through an amazing night and the children are making memories.  The progress they will make will be accelerated and this will grow their enthusiasm.  The hockey coach and manager were doing the same in their roles at the weekend.  These are the kind of people that change lives….Unsung heroes, I salute you.



Blogathon Balloon Race

We released 40 balloons to see who could get the furthest distance but found!  We will hope to hear from people in the next few days and we will let you know who gets the furthest away.  We had a great night tonight and the children wrote plenty of blogs. Please visit to find out more about our blogathon.  It is our 5th 24 hour blog from our school in the UK.  If you visit this blog please comment and tell us where you are.


Blogathon at Jingle Blogs With Science Stuff Too…

We are in school at our termly blogathon for the whole of tonight.  You can take a look at the children’s work at We have carried out some science investigations using simple kitchen stuff.  We sprinkled pepper on top of water and then dipped a finger in it that had detergent on it.  The results wowed us all.  It was fun but not magic!

We put food colouring in milk and touched a finger in it that had detergent on it and watched the liquids separate.  That was an experiment we enjoyed as it looked like an eyeball from the outside.  It was very gruesome.

We then placed a balloon over the end of a bottle filled with steam and cooled it fast under the tap quickly.  The balloon was pushed inside the bottle and seemed inflated.  A furious debate followed.

We have had an amazing time and I love comments and visits too at my blog.  If you want us to comment on your blogs leave your details.

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Blogathon Night Shift

We are in school over night tonight with our Year Six pupils taking part in our 24 hour blogathon. It is great to see the children so enthusiastic about their writing. There are plenty of staff on duty all night and I think it’s amazing that the children have this opportunity.

Liam Palmer of Sheffield Wednesday visited our blogathon earlier and looked at some of the children’s work. He signed autographs and he was challenged to an arm wrestle. The children enjoyed the visit and lots of questions were asked about the life of a professional footballer.

The children are writing a movie review now and we will be publishing their blogs during the next few hours. Please support us with comments and share the links to our work .

Skype Session And Bridge Challenge

We have a small group of children taking the opportunity to skype an Australian school in about 20 minutes. We are looking forward to it very much. We had some fun earlier carrying out challenges with our Leonardo’s Bridge building. The children worked hard to support their friends and we enjoyed seeing them show what a great team they are. Our staff have been brilliant with the children and we have had some fun too.

We will share some of the pictures of our work with you tonight and tomorrow. We have had a great night and we want you to help spread the word about our work. We are tired but we will be blogging through the night.