Football Festival?

I have watched the news items regarding the European Championships with interest recently.  Sky News seemed determined to have their reporters find fans that were involved in anti-social behaviour.  Little interest or coverage is given to fans who are just enjoying the event and going about their business peacefully.  This fills me with dismay and I get slightly exasperated at the behaviour of the media regarding their approach to reporting on these issues.

I am sickened by the behaviour of a minority of fans who seem intent on spoiling the occassion for the vast majority of others.  The simplest way of dealing with these people would be to arrest them and hand them to the police force in their own country.  Remove the trouble makers and send them home.  This would make things better for the law abiding majority and reduce distress for locals and their businessess.

Alcohol and the fact that it seems to be available to consume in large quantities also exacerbates problems.  I think closing the bars earlier and removing access to alcohol would just mean people would be more inclined to go home early, thus avoiding crowds gathering locally.  Allowing a mob to get more and more drunk during an evening then decided to advance on them to ” disperse them” is not a sound strategy.

We will be watching the game in school so let’s hope the reporting later is about an England win and not about the behaviour of a minority of idiots, spoiling it for the many.  Fingers crossed!