The Big Camp Out and Blogathon

The camp site is set up and the children in Year six are enjoying a day that is packed with great challenges and activities.  They have had a great time so far and they are really enjoying themselves.  The talent contest is in full swing currently and many are still exhausted after playing basketball.  It really has been a pleasure to see the children forget the recent tests and the stress that goes with them.

We enjoyed watching the tents being errected earlier and seeing the children support their friends was a testament to the kind of people they are.  It will be interesting to see if the tents are all waterproof and last through the night.

Seeing the staff in school after hours has been a real privelige.  They give their time freely and make sure the children have a brilliant time.  Without the willingness of the team to contribute the children would miss out on amazing experiences and good quality time with their friends.  I am grateful to them all.  An amazing group of people.