Adventures in Woodwork

I have, for the past 6 months or probably a while longer been a pupil at John McMahon’s school of Fine Woodwork.  I am a novice and I was kept well away from the tools at school.  I was not confident and I have always boasted I could take thousands of the value of a house with my diy  skills.

I have been using newly taught skills with a wide variety of hand tools to make a simple bench hook and then a tool box.  This has been done using traditional skills taught to us as a group and individually by John.  He has the patience of a saint and nothing is too much trouble.  I have asked dozens of questions and I have always been guided when I needed it.

This was all new to me and I had the chance to show some of the children in my school my toolbox as I planed it with my smoothing plane.  They were keen to know how I had done it and I was keen to tell them that I had found learning these new skills tough.  It was good to talk to the children about the challenges we all face when learning new tasks.

I have learned so much from John and met some lovely people on the courses and I will be carrying on so I can become a confident woodworker.  If you have never tried it I can recommend it enough.  Great teaching in a friendly environment and the venue at Pleasely Vale is pretty interesting too.  My pictures show my work in progress.  Thanks for looking.

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