Running The Dog

Having traumatised myself by getting on the scales two days ago, I decided to bite the bullet and take my first steps in improving my fitness and I was determined to get Jack involved (Jack is my recently acquired dog from the rescue centre).

We managed a 5k run with some comfort breaks for dog stuff and I was so pleased to get out running and Jack did so well.  Hopefully my weight of 14st 10lb will start to come down steadily over the coming weeks and months.  We will be out tonight for a good walk and we will be running again tomorrow.  Weigh day is Tuesday and I will post how well things are going and update my blog on my progress in taking of the excess pounds.  Wish me luck and any advice will be gratefully accepted.

Basic Training Beastings and Fun

At the age of 18 I decided to join the army. You got fed, kept warm (mostly) and you met new people… Oh and you would see the world… or Aldershot and Colchester if you were me!

One of the most interesting parts of the training was a visit to the Isle of White to take part in adventure training. We would be canoeing, swimming, walking and all manner of exciting things would be going on. How I was to be disappointed with my lot when I got there.

We got off the ferry and dismounted from the vehicles and we were informed we would be forced marching to the camp and running. It was hot and we suffered. we were allowed water only when the troop commander agreed, which was not often enough. A couple of lads did collapse and were shipped out. We got to the camp in a state and we were shattered mentally and physically.

We made bivvy tents, which is a poncho made to cover you from the rain. Then we played a strange game, where we had to grip and egg between our ” cheeks” and drop it one hundred metres away on to the face of a member of the troop. Not pleasant for anyone at all.

We raced to get shaved in the mornings and 30 men had to share 5 buckets of water and if you were a poor runner you shaved in froth! It was shocking but then we were given a friend each called a munchkin…This was half a telegraph pole that went everywhere with us. We marched and ran with it, slept with and made friends with it. It was unpleasant.

We took part in a stretcher race where a 50 gallon drum was filled and put on a stretcher and you ran 3 miles with it between 6 of you. Oh how we laughed as we spewed as we ran in the heat.

The strangest thing was the instructors would sneak up to your bivvy and grab the foot of your sleeping bag and drag you across the field in the dark, laughing hysterically as you smacked your head of every rock you passed. It was an awful experience that was just a beasting and had nothing to do with adventure!

The funny thing is… I enjoyed it but on reflection I would not fancy doing it now. I still have a huge respect for all members of our forces and the job they do.