Hope Valley Drama

We have had an amazing time at St Michael’s in Hathersage and it has been a great pleasure to see the children work so hard over the past few days.  It has challenged every child but they have responded so well and shown great determination to do their best.

We have walked, explored, carried out a stream study and fell in the water a couple of times.  It was shallow so we just had fun and carried on.

We explored the church and visited Little John’s grave and tonight we endured a huge storm and this included flash flooding.  Mr Machin got very wet as a car drove by fast and it was very funny.  it was less funny that the cottage flooded and we had to,get the drier in to it in order to remove the moisture.

The cottage is where I stay during the visit so it has caused me stress.  I worked furiously with the mop and deflated my dinghy as the waters started to fall.

In summary of the whole visit….Top place, top staff, but most of all top children.  They have been amazing and a credit to their families.  See you all tomorrow 😀