Hope Valley Drama

We have had an amazing time at St Michael’s in Hathersage and it has been a great pleasure to see the children work so hard over the past few days.  It has challenged every child but they have responded so well and shown great determination to do their best.

We have walked, explored, carried out a stream study and fell in the water a couple of times.  It was shallow so we just had fun and carried on.

We explored the church and visited Little John’s grave and tonight we endured a huge storm and this included flash flooding.  Mr Machin got very wet as a car drove by fast and it was very funny.  it was less funny that the cottage flooded and we had to,get the drier in to it in order to remove the moisture.

The cottage is where I stay during the visit so it has caused me stress.  I worked furiously with the mop and deflated my dinghy as the waters started to fall.

In summary of the whole visit….Top place, top staff, but most of all top children.  They have been amazing and a credit to their families.  See you all tomorrow 😀



The Big Camp Out and Blogathon

The camp site is set up and the children in Year six are enjoying a day that is packed with great challenges and activities.  They have had a great time so far and they are really enjoying themselves.  The talent contest is in full swing currently and many are still exhausted after playing basketball.  It really has been a pleasure to see the children forget the recent tests and the stress that goes with them.

We enjoyed watching the tents being errected earlier and seeing the children support their friends was a testament to the kind of people they are.  It will be interesting to see if the tents are all waterproof and last through the night.

Seeing the staff in school after hours has been a real privelige.  They give their time freely and make sure the children have a brilliant time.  Without the willingness of the team to contribute the children would miss out on amazing experiences and good quality time with their friends.  I am grateful to them all.  An amazing group of people.

Karate Championship Sheffield..Norbridge and Langold

A sneak preview of Today.

Outdoors Wars

There are times when no words are needed.

Away Days and Memories

I am currently on a residential visit with our year six pupils at Peak Venture, near Barnsley.  There was a howling wind as I ventured outside early this morning for my usual walk.  I was met with all manner of weather and it would be fair to say it was a wee bit chilly. I even managed to appreciate some rather stinging sleet!

I was thinking about the things I have seen the children achieve during the first two days of our visit.  I have seen the quieter more reserved children show great courage when climbing to a great height and admired their determination to push themselves to their limit.  It has been a privilege to see the children tackle things they have never done before and it has been clear to me that their resilience and determination has grown.

The greatest part of watching children learning is when you see them having fun and they are sharing experience and knowledge with their peers.  This particular group have been very good at being positive and encouraging their friends when things are tough.

I particularly enjoyed watching them during the activities this morning.

Camera Disaster

Mrs Mercer damaged my camera battery pack by not listening to advice.  This is a simple truth, although she protests her innocence, her guilt, and I mean guilt is clear.  Luckily she did show some remorse and, fortunately, she used a table leg to fashion  a screwdriver that meant I was able to sort it out.  I was close to tears but I am now recovered from, what was, a traumatic event.

We have seen some serious rainfall in the past day but the sun has come out too and we have had some very interesting visits.  We played games in the woods last night and the children had a great time playing a game called capture the flag.  We then walked back to the accommodation and then Charlie reported he lost his wallet.  An instructor went to look the following morning and I walked around looking for it.  I was convinced I was about to find myself fifty euros but it was not to be.  Charlie then was seen using his wallet at the sweet factory to purchase some goods.  He confessed he had found the wallet ages ago.   There was a joyless expression on my face.

The visit to the boulangerie was great fun but I did not consume any croissants or pain au chocolat because Miss Bird was worried that I was consuming lots of bread.  She may be right so I exercised some caution in this case.  Luckily I felt compelled to buy some chocolate buttons and boiled sweets from the sweet factory visit.

There was a tricky moment when one child was sick in the sweet factory so I pitched in to sort the cleaning.  I have only just spotted a small amount of sick on my knee, however I still feel I have come through relatively unscathed.  My room has been sabotaged but I don’t mind because revenge will be sweet.

The behaviour of the children has been impeccable and I am really proud of them.  Speaking of behaviour the waiter from the crepe restaurant will be looking forward to us dropping in.  He passed me a crepe on a plate last year and when I held it he did not let go for a few seconds and I noticed he was holding the plate with a napkin.  It was red hot and I seem to recall I could smell burning flesh.

Please come and check my blog later to see the photographs.

Lyke Wake Walk 2015


We would not be Norbridge if we did not do it differently and set ourselves personal challenges.  So what better way to end the year with a stroll across the North Yorkshire Moors! The Lyke Wake Walk is 42 miles in length and the idea is to cross the distance in under 24 hours.

We completed the crossing in 20 hours and we had seven members set off.  We have always lost one or two in previous crossings but this time all seven starters completed the crossing, an amazing effort.  We took a few snaps to give you an idea of the trip.

As a footnote, I fell over. quite comprehensively resulting in badly bruised pride.  I remain convinced there a couple of smiles as people strolled to my aid! I had an amazing time and had a varied menu of luxury food items at the check points!

Residential Visits… Yes or No

It would be fair to say I am tired and in need of a bit of a rest.  So are three staff from our team here too, they are shattered.  I have watched them work with the children for the past week and I made a number of observations that have made me put fingers to keyboard.

We attended Kingswood Peak Venture, which is a residential centre for outdoor adventurous activity.  The activities include zip wire from a fifty foot tower, leap of faith, which involves leaping and trying to grab a trapeze bar, 3g swing, which is best described as managed terror and climbing etc.  The list is endless, well it isn’t as there are about 70 sessions crammed into one week.

The first point of note is that we depart for Kingswood on a Sunday at 2-30pm.  The 3 staff meet the children at school and I follow them up in my car.  We do this to deal with any issues that may arise where we may need transport.  When we got there it was straight into the dorms to sort beds, cover health and safety and carry out the fire drill.

We blogged from the centre to keep parents informed about what we were doing and placed lots of pictures on our blogs.  The parents respond well to this and we get lots of comments.  The staff tend to do the blogs after children have gone to bed.  This was done each night and meant that the parents could keep right up to date with what the children were doing.

seeing the children work hard and grow in confidence during the week was rewarding for the staff that went on the visit.  It is worth pointing out that the staff who were at home took the time to comment on the blogs too.  The children enjoy the feedback and it gave us areal sense of sharing what we do.

Mr Scott is terrified of heights and yet he chose to go down the zip wire because he felt it was important to show the children he was challenging himself as much as they were.  The children responded well to this and praised him for being a great role model.  The mutual respect between the children and Mr Scott was and is bigger than ever.

You can look at some of the things we did here http://george-huthart.com/blog  The children gained so much out of this visit that there would not be enough time or space to write it here.  The self-esteem and self belief grew in each child all week.  The children who started of the week feeling homesick did really well and had an amazing time.

These experiences are the ones that will stay with the children for always and are the bedrock for times in their futures when they face challenges that seem difficult.  It is experiences such as this visit that will ensure children have the resolve to face any challenge at all.

Staff that give their time to go on these visits get little recognition but they can be safe in the knowledge that they are helping change lives.  These visits for me represent the greatest times in our school lives.